Merry Christmas from Daisy and the local Lib Dem team

Watch Daisy's Christmas message about what your local Lib Dem team have achieved this year in St Albans. 

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Daisy Cooper slams Conservative in-fighting

“The Conservatives decision to hold a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister is yet another hopelessly reckless move by this out-of-touch and out-of-control government. There are just 107 days left until we could crash out of the EU and the public rightly are crying out for a Government that puts the national interest first. But this Conservative Government has been found in contempt of parliament, has stopped MPs debating and voting on it’s disastrous deal, and is now consumed by in-fighting. The Liberal Democrats demand better and the people of St Albans deserve better.”

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Commuters vindicated by damning rail inquiry report

Daisy Cooper, St Albans Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidate, welcomed the Transport Select Committee’s report on the chaos that followed the botched introduction of new timetables in May this year. Daisy Cooper said:

"I'm delighted that this inquiry vindicates the concerns of St Albans commuters and directly refers to the evidence of our St Albans Commuter and Passenger action group seven times, including about the anxiety and additional strain put on peoples’ mental health and the difficulties faced by those with a range of disabilities and mobility issues.

"The report concludes clearly that Chris Grayling held huge responsibility for the chaos on the railways caused by the timetable fiasco and if he didn’t have the full information that was because he failed to ask the right questions.

“The Government must now commit to implement the recommendations without delay, including the suggested freeze on fares, an automatic compensation scheme by the end of 2019, and an independent oversight so the chaos can never happen again. After six months of campaigning, protests, and petitions, finally the voices of our commuters have been heard - and listened to; now the Government must follow suit.

“I'll continue to represent the concerns of fellow commuters through the St Albans action group to St Albans rail users.”

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St Albans Commuter and Passenger Action Group respond to train service price rise



Today the Rail Delivery Group announced an unjustifiable price hike of 3.1% for rail passengers. The price rise will be implemented from the 2nd January. For St Albans Commuters travelling into London assuming the average increase is applied an annual season ticket will increase by £109 taking the total cost from £3500 to £3609. 

The St Albans Commuter and Passenger Action Group was established by Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Daisy Cooper in response to the chaotic implementation of timetable changes in May this year. The group now has over 1100 members. Govia Thameslink, Network Rail and The Government were failing to realise the hardship which the chaos was causing in peoples lives - huge stress, difficulty explaining frequent lateness to employers and mental and physical health issues were exacerbated.

Action Group Campaigner, and Liberal Democrat Council Candidate Will Tucker says: "Today's announcement by the Rail Delivery Group rubs salt in the wounds of already long-suffering St Albans passengers. Given the atrocious implementation of timetable changes, which have still not been fully rectified, a price rise is indefensible. A poll today of our 1000 members shows that they feel the price rise is unjustified, but they feel trapped with no alternative option for travel into London. Other commuters in our group have reported that they are not sure if they can continue to commute into London."

Will continues "The Conservative Party claim to be the party of business but their management of the railways shows they are incompetent and do not understand the ordinary day to day lives of people in St Albans." 

"Despite the price rise announcement we welcome the extension of the Oyster Card and contactless scheme to Luton. We proposed this extension within the 80 page report submitted by the Action Group to the Transport Select Committee Inquiry earlier this year and should make travelling from St Albans easier for people. It's good to know that our campaigns are getting through."  

People's Vote is only route out of this Brexit mess


Daisy Cooper, St Albans Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidate said:
"Since the vote to leave the EU, Brexit has brought nothing but bad news. EU health workers have been leaving the NHS at an alarming rate, businesses are investing elsewhere and now we find out that the Conservative government's deal would tie us to EU rules but without any influence to shape them or make deals with the rest of the world. Even more alarming are the Government's plans to stockpile medicines and food in the event of a no-deal Brexit. As the deal gets ripped to shreds from MPs in every party including her own, it's clear that the Prime Minister must now put her deal to a People's Vote with the option to remain in the EU."

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Lib Dems Oppose Inadequate Risk Management Plan for Fire Service

Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats on 9th November 2018 opposed the recommendation to approve the draft Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

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2018 Liberal Democrat manifesto

Council services shaped for you

The St Albans Liberal Democrats have published their manifesto for the 2018 district elections. Read by clicking the link below:

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Green Parliamentary candidate defects to the Liberal Democrats

The Green Party's 2017 Parliamentary candidate for Watford has joined the Liberal Democrats.


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Lord Kerr tells St Albans: “Brexit is an attack on the NHS”

Lord Kerr, who played a central role in writing Article 50, has reiterated his view that Article 50 coud legally be withdrawn and that the people of the UK have the right to change their minds on Brexit. He was speaking at an event organised by St Albans for Europe, attended by Daisy Cooper St Albans Lib Dems Parliamentary spokesperson and a number of St Albans Lib Dems Councillors and members.


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‘Conservatives heartless to ignore facts,’ say Lib Dems over decision to close Cuffley Camp outdoor centre

In spite of a last-minute bid by the Liberal Democrat opposition on Hertfordshire County Council to save Cuffley Camp, the fate of the outdoor centre looks to have been sealed after Conservative councillors refuse to reconsider their decision to close it.

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