London Colney

Welcome to the London Colney ward page.

From left to right, David Onamusi, Karl Mugele, Daisy

Vote for your local Lib Dem candidates Karl and David on 2 May!


Local parish councillor Karl Mugele  lives in London Colney with his family. He is passionate about keeping the village litter-free.

David Onamusi has lived in St Albans since 2019, is a self-published author, a business analyst, and helps run a charity empowering young people.

As district councillors, Karl and David will support the regeneration of areas such as the old NFT site on the A1081, and protect green spaces. They strongly oppose the monstrous Rail Freight Terminal.

Tony Lillico (District Councillor)


Phone: 07956 116330 

London Colney parish councillor Tony Lillico has lived in the village since 1998. He’s passionate about defending the interests of local people in the village, and wants to work on maintaining and improving the quality of life in the area by campaigning to preserve the green belt, working to improve the environment, and pressing for more affordable housing.