Both St Albans Mayoral roles filled by Lib Dem councillors

Councillors Edgar Hill and Helen Campbell have been elected as St Albans Mayor and deputy mayor respectively.

Edgar succeeded Janet Smith to become the city’s 477th mayor at an annual meeting of the council after the elections on 6 May.

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Council set to become more efficient thanks to Lib Dem restructuring plans

Following the St Albans Liberal Democrats win in the local elections, plans have been made to restructure the council that will see it run in a more streamlined and democratic way.

The plans include replacing the single-part cabinet with four committees that represent Lib Dem priorities, adding more pre-decision scrutiny, and reducing the number of meetings.

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Book your place now! #Sustfest21 event to include Lib Dem leader Ed Davey

As part of Sustainability Festival 2021, we're hosting a free live Zoom discussion panel on decarbonising housing where we'll be joined by by Lib Dem leader and former Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change Ed Davey.

Now in its fifth year, the Sustainability Festival (or as it's known on social media, #Sustfest) encourages local groups, businesses and schools all to run events and activities, creating an exciting sustainability festival by the people and for the people of St Albans District.

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Wild times ahead for St Albans thanks to council and wildlife trust partnership

A partnership project between the Lib Dem-controlled district council and Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT) is set to increase biodiversity in the district.

Wilder St Albans wants to increase the habitats across St Albans and the wildlife they support by coordinating a programme of practical action by the community. The project’s people and wildlife officer, Heidi Carruthers, will work together with community groups, individuals, schools and businesses to make space for wildlife in every part of our lives.

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St Albans Lib Dems take control of council after local election triumph

The Liberal Democrats will run St Albans City and District Council as the majority party after winning five additional seats in the local elections on 6 May.

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Council leader: ‘We will emerge from this crisis to face a new world’

A post-pandemic St Albans will inevitably see huge amounts of change. But by voting Lib Dem on 6 May, says Chris White, leader of St Albans City & District Council, you can make sure that it’s a positive change that focuses on community, the environment, and sustainable infrastructure.

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Have you voted for us? Tell us about it!

With postal votes now landing across the district, there’s never been a better time than today to complete your ballot, pop it in the post with plenty of time to spare and let us know that you’ve voted.

If we know who’s voted, it means that we get a better understanding of where to concentrate our campaigning efforts, making Lib Dem wins more likely.

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Your questions answered about the plans for St Albans' charter market

What’s the thinking behind ambitious plans to modernise St Albans’ historic charter market?

Mandy McNeil, the prime mover and shaker behind the initiative, gives us a personal, insider view of the district council’s moves to bring the buzz back to the retail heart of the city.

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St Albans’ grants strategy supports 'bounce-back' on high street

More than £40 million in grants channelled by St Albans council to businesses across the district will help keep our high streets vibrant and the local economy to bounce back more quickly, according to Mandy McNeil, Lib Dem councillor and portfolio holder for business, culture and tourism.

Mandy is urging businesses to apply to St Albans council for the latest non-repayable restart grants to help them re-open their doors after lockdown, including those in the non-essential retail, hospitality, accommodation, leisure and personal care sectors.

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Your questions answered about a new charge for garden waste collection

We appreciate that many residents value this service and will be disappointed that a collection charge is being introduced. We'd like to explain further why this has become necessary:


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