West Herts Hospital Trust - Public need reassurance that services will improve

Chris White, Liberal Democrat county group spokesperson on Health, said in reaction to today's Care Quality Commission inspection report into the West Herts Hospitals Trust (dealing with the Watford, St Albans and Hemel hospitals): 'We had suspected for a while that the report would be bad but this is even worse than was feared - one of the worst ever issued.

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Conservatives admit that Home-Start cuts were made without any consultation with professional groups

Service users, Staff, Volunteers and Councillors alike were stunned to learn on Monday that a Conservative Councillor made the decision to cancel the £395,000 annual grant to HomeStart without any consultation with either HomeStart, the Health Visitor Service or the Children’s Services.

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Lib Dems welcome decision in Hunston Properties case

Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed the fact that the Secretary of State has rejected an appeal by Hunston Properties Ltd in relation to proposed major developments at Sewell Park, to the rear of Harpenden Road. The applications were turned down by the district council and were also the subject of a court decision of national significance to green belt policy.

Lib Dem Planning spokesperson Dave Yates said:‘We’re pleased with the outcome, which clearly gives the lie to the threats made that "St Albans would be at the mercy of developers” when in November 2012 we overturned the Local Plan that the Conservatives were then attempting to impose on the District.'

New Lib Dem spokespeople anounced

Tim Farron has set about ending the Liberal Democrats’ lack diversity at the top of the party – by naming the most diverse shadow cabinet team in the party’s history to lead the party's fightback.

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Tories oppose improving Hertfordshire schools, and Labour abstain

Liberal Democrats criticised the fact that the condition of Herts schools are in the worst 8% in the country, and called for an improvement, in a motion to Herts County Council last week.

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Homestart home visits funding axed by Conservative-run Herts County Council

This morning at County Hall there was a heated debate as local staff and volunteers watched to see the fate of the nine Homestart Schemes across the County.

After a petition signed by 2800 Hertfordshire residents was presented by Homestart three motions were presented; one from the Conservative group in favour of slashing funding to the service, and two from the Labour and Liberal Democrat benches seeking to save the Service.

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Shocking revelation that condition of Herts schools amongst the worst in the country

When Liberal Democrat councillors at County Hall initiated a ‘scrutiny’ into the scope and efficiency of the Hertfordshire schools repair and maintenance programme, little did they expect to learn that the county’s schools are in such bad condition relative to other education authorities.

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Conservative County Council recommends cutting all funds to family support charity

At Thursday's Children’s Services Cabinet Panel, 40 angry incredulous HomeStart managers, Chairs, volunteers and clients heard the Conservative members of the Children’s Services Cabinet Panel support the complete cut of support to the 9 HomeStart Branches in the county, worth £395,000 per annum from September 2015 as recommended by officers.  In so doing they voted down a motion from the Liberal Democrats that they should go to tender so that they could judge the relative value of the services HomeStart provide before making any final decision.

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Hertfordshire Conservatives plan £391,000 cut to HomeStart and vulnerable children in the county

Members of Hertfordshire County Council Children’s Services Cabinet Panel yesterday received additional papers announcing the withdrawal of the annual £391,000 grant to the 9 HomeStart operations which cover the county. Their role will now be added to the increasingly complex range of tasks to be handled by the 91 Children’s Centres.

By withdrawing the £391,00 annual grant to the nine HomeStart centres across the county on the basis that it could be supplied by Children’s Centres , the Conservative County Council is putting the future stability of 395 client families at risk. Without the close support of the Homestart volunteers who help them in their homes, many of these families will disintegrate. Likewise the local HomeStart teams will almost certainly have to close for lack of sufficient funding.

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Hertfordshire roads set to get even worse!

Conservative-led Hertfordshire County Council have confirmed that the appalling state of our roads is set to get significantly worse.

The Finance meeting of June 10th were told that Herts Highways had overspent their budget last financial year by £1.16m (budget £14.9m, spend £16.1m), despite the continual decline in the state of our roads and footpaths that is obvious to road and footpath users across Hertfordshire.

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