Jo Swinson in St Albans


Jo Swinson, Deputy Leader for the Liberal Democrats, came by St Albans today to help with our local election campaign. Thank you to those who came along!

Polling day is on 2 May. If you want to help us move St Albans forward, please volunteer here:

‘Exit from Brexit’ van rallies supporters ahead of march for People’s Vote

Daisy Cooper and St Albans Lib Dems welcomed the ‘Exit from Brexit’ poster van in St Peters Street on Thursday (March 21). It’s clear that Theresa May and her chaotic Tory government are not listening to the people. We demand a People's Vote – and will be marching on Parliament to make our voice heard this Saturday, March 23. Join us on the march.  Exit from Brexit poster van

‘Cheers’ to Great Northern locals as pub gains listing as community asset

St Albans Liberal Democrats are saying ‘cheers’ to a dedicated group of locals from the Great Northern after they succeeded in getting the pub listed as an ‘Asset of Community Value’ (ACV).

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County slammed for failure to address demand for secondary school places

Local Liberal Democrats have challenged Hertfordshire County Council to sort out the mess resulting from the failure to get Katherine Warington School in Harpenden approved in time. 

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Opposition Lib Dems attack Tory-run council for ‘litany of failures’

The Tories controlling St Albans District Council have come under fire for a series of recent failures and poor financial management, including a thumping £108,000 loss forecast for the city’s new museum and gallery.

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Build local homes people can afford to buy and rent

For too long now, many St Albans families and friendships have been torn apart due to skyrocketing house prices here in the district.

Young professionals... children of families who have lived here all their lives... key workers, such as teachers and nurses.

People the city should be embracing are being forced to leave the place they love because they simply can’t afford to buy or rent here.

That’s why opposition Liberal Democrats have put forward new plans to build more homes people can afford, including much-needed social housing.

Chris White, leader of the Lib Dem group on St Albans District Council, told us: “The council must become a developer in its own right – it’s the only way it can build the volume of social housing needed to retain our youngsters and keep families together.

“We understand there has to be new greenfield development, but it’s essential that plans are in place from the start to provide new schools, highways and NHS services – not after the houses are going up, which is much too late.”

Conservative leaders have failed to take action for many years now. But a Lib Dem council would deliver on this right away.

Council must become a developer

The public, not MPs, should decide the fate of the nation

As the Westminster stalemate over Brexit continues to drag on, with seemingly no end in sight, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Daisy Cooper is calling for a People’s Vote to end the deadlock.

Britain's future is brighter in Europe, says Daisy

Daisy, who campaigned passionately for a Remain vote in 2016’s referendum, wants to see power handed back to the general public instead of MPs.

She said: “More than 60% of people now support having a final say on Brexit, which isn’t surprising given the complete mess we’re currently in.

“I believe Britain’s future is brighter if we remain in Europe and I’m doing all I can to secure us a final say on the Brexit deal, including the option to remain.”

Thousands die waiting for support due to crisis in social care

Call to tackle social care crisisMore than 50,000 older people have now died waiting for much-needed care during the 700 days since the government first announced it would publish a green paper on social care.

The shocking findings by Age UK underline the huge crisis in social care and the inability of Theresa May and the Conservatives to deal with it effectively.

The Lib Dems have pledged to put a penny on income tax and directly invest the funds in social care to ensure older people have the support they need.

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Lib Dems push through motion to tackle rising business rates

Dissatisfaction with business rates has reached an all-time high, following a long-delayed and poorly implemented rates revaluation in 2017 and a deepening crisis on St Albans’ high street.

Rising business costs and unsustainable levels of rent are placing disproportionate pressure on local businesses (through tax inequality), leading to closures, loss of jobs and a reduction of investment in the local economy.

In December 2018 Chris Davis, councillor for Verulam ward, tabled a motion to tackle this pressing issue.

The motion called on St Albans District Council to consider abolishing the business rate system and replacing it with a commercial landowner levy (CCL) – a tax on the owner of the property. The result would be a net tax cut for businesses.

St Albans is now closed

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Lib Dems build cross-party support to fix pavements for disabled access and safety

An initiative by Liberal Democrats to rectify shortcomings with disability access and pavement safety has received significant cross-party support on Hertfordshire County Council.

A motion put forward “to urgently undertake these issues” by Barbara Gibson, a Lib Dem councillor and opposition spokesperson for community safety, was debated by the county’s highways and environment cabinet panel on Tuesday 12 February.

The Lib Dem motion called for action in six areas:

  • Designation of an officer responsible for advocating for disability access issues, establishing a mechanism for reporting problems and raising disability accessibility issues
  • Identifying barriers to access (ie – missing dropped kerbs, drastically uneven surfaces, overgrown vegetation and other hazards)
  • Investing to bring footways up to minimum safe and accessible standards
  • Ensuring current policies for construction and maintenance of footways follow government guidance with regard to accessibility, and
  • Ensuring that all new development meets accessibility standards.
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