Liberal Democrat-led District Council moves to increase fly-tipping fines to protect local environment

29 Jan 2024
Photo of Daisy Cooper and Sinead Howland

Councillors agreed to set new fine levels according to a sliding scale based upon the likely impact of the fly-tipping. The scale implements a point system reflecting the size and nature of the fly tip, as well as environmental damage and any commercial gain from the fly-tipping offence.

District Councillor Lynn Cunningham, Lead Councillor for Heritage and Waste, said ‘’Your Liberal Democrat councillors believe in protecting our local environment, and making sure everyone has a place they are proud to call home. Fly-tipping is a hazardous and selfish act that needlessly damages local communities, environments, and greenspaces.

“We are incredibly pleased that we have taken this step towards increasing fly-tipping fines, as we continue our work to keep St Albans clean and safe.’’

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