Danny Clare

District Councillor for Clarence

Danny Clare

T: 01727 855 523

Danny Clare has built a reputation as an effective campaigner and has impressed many with his strong community values and determination to get things done.

Danny’s priorities for the district council are improving roads and pavements, and fighting for better community facilities.


Chris White

County Councillor for St Albans Central Division
(covering Clarence & St Peter's)

District Councillor for Clarence ward












T: 01727 845 300

Chris White has been the County Councillor for St Albans Central since 1993, and since 2008 has served as the District Councillor for Clarence Ward.

He originally trained as an accountant and, over the years he has been involved in local politics, has served as a member of the Police Authority and the Audit Commission. He lives in St Albans with his wife.

As a County Councillor, Chris takes a particularly keen interest in the state of our highways - and has consistently highlighted the failings of the County Council to provide a decent repairs service.

On a more local level, Chris is working with local people to find a way of refurbishing the Clarence Park cricket pavilion and is pressing the district council to keep the streets free of rubbish.

Caroline Brooke 

District Councillor for Clarence ward


T: 01727 855 523

Caroline Brooke has lived in Fleetville for more than seven years with her husband Adam and their three daughters, all of whom attend the local infant and junior schools. Caroline works locally as a childminder and is also a part time primary school teacher. She has a PhD in Russian history and is the author of Moscow: A Cultural and Literary History. 

Over the time that she has lived in St Albans, Caroline has become involved with a range of local campaigns: she has helped to organise street parties on her road and lobbied for improvements to the Fleetville playground. Caroline is a keen supporter of the Playing Out initiative, which aims to promote a sense of community and to encourage children to be more physically active. She is on the Committee of the Fleetville Junior School PTA and she served as a school governor in London for eight years. 

Caroline is a volunteer for the Friends of the Earth anti-idling campaign, a member of the St Albans Cycling Campaign and she supports the aims of Sustainable St Albans. She was an active member of the Stronger In campaign during the EU referendum in 2016.

Caroline conducts the local a cappella choir, Fleetville Harmony, which performs at local events and supports charities including Earthworks, the Ollie Foundation and the Fleetville Community Centre New Build Project.


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