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Daisy Cooper and the Liberal Democrats have pledged an emergency takeover of Southern Rail to end months of crisis and disruption for thousands of commuters .


The Liberal Democrat’s General Election manifesto calls for a short-term Government intervention, with the Department for Transport taking immediate responsibility for Thameslink’s services.


Daisy Cooper said:


“The unbelievable levels of disruption on Thameslink have inflicted misery on thousands of commuters and cost passengers unnecessary stress, time, money and sometimes even their jobs.  Incredibly, less than half of trains arrive on time and delays from incidents are getting longer. And the poor information on disrupted St Albans services has been due to Govia's operations centre being all-consumed by the ongoing Southern Rail crisis.”


“This is an emergency situation so we are proposing an emergency solution: the Department for Transport should take over Thameslink.


“A tough measure such as this will make it clear to the other companies running rail services that when they fail their customers, they will be sacked too."


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