Snap General Election called for June 8!

We need your support!


Responding to the announcement of a snap General Election on 8 June 2017, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Daisy Cooper said: 

"I welcome the opportunity for the people of St Albans to have their say on the direction of the country. 63% of St Albans voted to 'Remain', as championed by the Lib Dems, and many more oppose the reckless decision of this hard-right Conservative government to pursue a 'hard BREXIT' - leaving the single market. 

"I will be campaigning full-time from today until 8 June and making the case that anyone who wants to avoid a disastrous hard BREXIT, keep Britain in the single market, and who wants Great Britain to remain open, tolerant and united, the only party to vote for is the Liberal Democrats." 


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