St Albans Commuter and Passenger Action Group respond to train service price rise



Today the Rail Delivery Group announced an unjustifiable price hike of 3.1% for rail passengers. The price rise will be implemented from the 2nd January. For St Albans Commuters travelling into London assuming the average increase is applied an annual season ticket will increase by £109 taking the total cost from £3500 to £3609. 

The St Albans Commuter and Passenger Action Group was established by Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Daisy Cooper in response to the chaotic implementation of timetable changes in May this year. The group now has over 1100 members. Govia Thameslink, Network Rail and The Government were failing to realise the hardship which the chaos was causing in peoples lives - huge stress, difficulty explaining frequent lateness to employers and mental and physical health issues were exacerbated.

Action Group Campaigner, and Liberal Democrat Council Candidate Will Tucker says: "Today's announcement by the Rail Delivery Group rubs salt in the wounds of already long-suffering St Albans passengers. Given the atrocious implementation of timetable changes, which have still not been fully rectified, a price rise is indefensible. A poll today of our 1000 members shows that they feel the price rise is unjustified, but they feel trapped with no alternative option for travel into London. Other commuters in our group have reported that they are not sure if they can continue to commute into London."

Will continues "The Conservative Party claim to be the party of business but their management of the railways shows they are incompetent and do not understand the ordinary day to day lives of people in St Albans." 

"Despite the price rise announcement we welcome the extension of the Oyster Card and contactless scheme to Luton. We proposed this extension within the 80 page report submitted by the Action Group to the Transport Select Committee Inquiry earlier this year and should make travelling from St Albans easier for people. It's good to know that our campaigns are getting through."  

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