People’s Vote supporters back Daisy Cooper in St Albans

Peoples Vote campaigners from around the region have been out talking to voters in St Albans on behalf of the Remain-supporting Liberal Democrat candidate Daisy Cooper. 

Daisy welcomed the volunteers to the city and left them in no doubt about the importance of unseating the Tory MP.

“The future of the country rests on seats like this turning from having a Brexit MP to a People’s Vote-supporting MP,” Daisy said.

Brexit having impact on money and jobs
“Many of you will know we are a 63% Remain constituency here in St Albans – and that we have a Hard Brexit MP.

“People here have seen the impact Brexit is having on their lives already. We haven’t even left the EU and people’s businesses are collapsing, and they’ve seen money and jobs disappear.

“On the doorstep, EU citizens we meet are frantic and anxious because they don’t know what the future of their life looks like.

Deprive Boris Johnson of Hard Brexit MP
“Liberal Democrats are doing everything in our power to deprive Boris Johnson of another Hard Brexit MP.”

Daisy heartily thanked the People’s Vote volunteers for their support.

“Every time you come here it’s really brilliant because that gives us another boost,” she said. “Please do come back again – and bring an extra jumper and pair of gloves."


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