Liberal Democrats to fight for "pubs cap" on business rates

St Albans Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidate Daisy Cooper has won the support of her party to adopt a "pubs cap" to limit the increase of business rates rises on pubs, restaurants and cafes to a maximum of 12.5%. 






Daisy  proposed the policy to build on her support for the Save St Albans Pubs Campaign launched earlier this year by local pub landlords. 

Daisy said, ‘I’m delighted that my party will fight for a "pubs cap" and a fairer business rates system overall.  Business rates are not fit for purpose. The revaluation has led to an overall decrease in business rates that are payable in the St Albans District but the muddled and outdated formula raises serious concerns about the level and impact of increases on specific businesses."

"It cannot be right that the overall business rates bill for Amazon's nine warehouses has gone down by £140,000 whilst the bill for many sole traders and St Albans businesses has gone up. It is absurd that business rates are linked to the rise in property prices not actual profitability or success. That's why Liberal Democrats will now campaign to allow local authorities to trial a different form of tax, based on the value of land not property prices, which would be a great equaliser." 

"This new policy would give our local pubs and our many other small businesses the protection they need from these devastating and unfair changes."

The business rates bill of The Boot for example suffered an increase of 280% from £14,000 to £53,000, which would require it to sell an extra 22,000 pints of beer a year. 




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