Overflowing litter bins - St Albans Lib Dems demand action!

The District Council have finally admitted that it has been let down by the contractor responsible for emptying litter bins.

Ashley Ward District Councillor Anthony Rowlands said:  “Over recent weeks, I have reported a number of overflowing bins. Last week I was told that the person responsible for emptying bins was off work.  Apparently, the refuse crews had been instructed to fill in and do the job on their rounds – this has not happened. Council officers admitted that there has been a spate of complaints about unemptied bins and that the contractors had been instructed to resolve the problem.”

“It is totally unacceptable that a contractor with a large workforce is unable to fulfil their contractual obligation because one person is away! Travelling around the City it is evident that lots of bins have not been emptied. With such neglect, it is unsurprising that litter remains a constant eyesore.”

Cllr Rowlands, in his capacity as chair of the Environment Scrutiny Committee, has raised this problem with senior Council officers who will be interrogating the Council's contractor, Veolia, about the poor service. Anthony says: “We will want reassurance that this will not happen again.”


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