Lib Dems condemn Anne Main's 'weasel words' over tampon tax

Local Liberal Democrats have condemned Anne Main's explanation of why she voted with the Government against an opposition motion to seek to scrap VAT on women's sanitary products.

Chris White, Liberal Democrat leader on St Albans District Council, said: 'Right-thinking people all know that it is wrong to tax these items as if they were luxuries.

'But to claim that you voted against something which you really agree with because you were given assurances by a minister in this government is either naive or cynical.

'And Anne Main is not naive. Her explanation is just weasel words.'

Chris added: 'The role of an MP is to represent her constituents. She has failed yet again to do so. The other day it was tax credits. Yesterday it was tampons. Tomorrow no doubt she will administer yet another kicking to the less well off in St Albans.'

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