Chris White condemns HCC for abject failure over a simple highways fault

Chris White has condemned Hertfordshire County Council for not being able 'to give a damn' over their repeated failure to restore traffic calming in Albert Street.
Chris said:
When the street was resurfaced a year or so ago the County Council contractor failed to restore the humps.

I have pursued this ever since and have been given various excuses, not least that the original contractor no longer worked for the County Council.

Eventually the Council got round to redoing the humps 
​a week or so ago ​
but a minor top surface dressing will do nothing to restore the humps to their former height and so nothing to reduce the speed of traffic.

On top of that residents were told to move their cars even though none of the humps was where cars were normally parked.

They show nothing but contempt for local residents and councillors. They haven't even acknowledged the formal complaint I have made.

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