Hertfordshire roads set to get even worse!

Conservative-led Hertfordshire County Council have confirmed that the appalling state of our roads is set to get significantly worse.

The Finance meeting of June 10th were told that Herts Highways had overspent their budget last financial year by £1.16m (budget £14.9m, spend £16.1m), despite the continual decline in the state of our roads and footpaths that is obvious to road and footpath users across Hertfordshire.

Lib Dem opposition members proposed an amendment that stated the council would properly fund road maintenance.  The Conservatives all voted against. The Conservative Chairman then confirmed Highways would be expected to meet budget next year, meaning the service will have to massively cut costs.

These cuts to service are despite an underspend across the County of £27.7m last financial year.

Paul Zukowskyj, shadow cabinet member for Resources commented: ‘The Conservatives are putting almost £20m into reserves, into paying off past debt and into an ‘invest to transform’ fund instead of putting the money into a better service for the road users of Hertfordshire.

‘Residents pay their Council Tax to get services, not to see Tories put millions in banks and trusts whilst our roads fall apart.

‘Our roads are set to get much worse. The Tories goal seems to be to attain road standards in Hertfordshire more usually found in the Developing World.’

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