Your questions answered about a new charge for garden waste collection


We appreciate that many residents value this service and will be disappointed that a collection charge is being introduced. We'd like to explain further why this has become necessary:

Q: Why is St Albans council introducing a charge for garden waste collections?

A: Currently the garden waste collection service run by Veolia costs the council about £600,000 a year and due to Covid-19's impact we will need to make large savings in the budget. We think it's fairer to offer a paid-for service for those who want it, rather than add it to everyone's council tax bill -whether they use it or not.

Q: How much is the service?

A: The first bin will cost £45 per bin per year, or £35 per bin per year for residents in receipt of Council Tax Reduction benefit. Each additional bin (or bags) will cost £50 per bin per year. 

Q: How will the money from garden waste collections be used?

A: The garden waste subscription charge will go towards covering the cost of delivering this service. Importantly, the charge will also help to ease the pressure on other vital council services, such as food waste collection, social housing and improving community facilities.

Q: Do other councils charge for collecting garden waste?

A: Yes, nearly two-thirds of councils around the country already charge for collecting garden waste. Of the 326 councils in England who pick up rubbish and recycling from homes, well over two thirds charge for the service. Locally, Watford, Three Rivers, North Herts, Broxbourne and Welwyn Hatfield councils all charge. Conservative controlled East Herts have recently introduced a charge.

Q: How has the charge been determined?

A: Research was carried out into how much other councils charge for garden waste collections. Locally, our charges are in line with Watford and Three Rivers councils.

Q: What else can I do with my garden waste if I don't sign up to the subscription service?

A: We want everyone to keep on recycling and reduce the waste that goes to landfill. If you decide that you don't want to sign up for the regular collection, there are several ways you can still recycle your garden waste:

  • Compost it in a home composting bin and turn it into a valuable and nutrient-rich food for your garden. Subsidised home composters are available through Waste Aware Hertfordshire
  • Take it to your local recycling centre. But remember to save it up so you don't make unnecessary car journeys or maybe share trips with your neighbours
  • Share a bin with your neighbours. But it would have to be registered at one address.


For further details about garden waste collection and how the charge will be implemented, visit: