District crying out for homes people can afford


The Government is insisting on a much higher level of house building in the district than had previously been planned for and is  even threatening to take over the council’s planning function if its doesn't come up with the goods.

This means that there will be home limited loss of green belt, some of which can be mitigated by allowing new homes to be built on the controversial Radlett Aerodrome site, currently set to be an environmentally disastrous rail freight terminal.

Local Lib Dems are saying that new greenfield developments can be made to work provided the Government and developers come up with the money for schools, new highways, public transport, community and NHS facilities first – not after the houses start going up, when it will be much too late.

The council must also play its role and be prepared to become a developer in its own right: this is the only way to provide the volume of social housing needed to make it possible for younger people to stay in the area. The Conservatives have failed to take decisive action but a Lib Dem council would deliver on this.

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