‘Crisis gives us chance to build fairer society and greener economy’

Daisy Cooper MP has welcomed a grassroots campaign by Build Back Better St Albans calling for a green coronavirus recovery plan for the economy that also tackles social inequality.

Campaigners presented Daisy with a letter signed by more than 20 local groups asking her to write to the chancellor and prime minister urging them to plan for a fair and sustainable recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Build Back Better delivers letter to Daisy CooperBuild Back Better St Albans wants to see a programme that protects public services, tackles inequality within communities, provides secure well-paid jobs and creates a robust economy that can tackle the climate crisis.

Daisy Cooper responded:
“I’m grateful to the organisations that have signed this letter – it shows the strength of feeling in our community that our nation builds back better after Covid-19. It highlights a growing consensus that urgent and ambitious action is needed to tackle the climate emergency.

“We now have a once in a lifetime opportunity both to combat the looming tragedy of mass unemployment due to Covid-19 and to reshape the economy on more environmental lines.

“Liberal Democrats propose investing £150 billion over three years to deliver the green revolution we need to transform the economy.

Green jobs guarantee and training
“We want to see a green jobs guarantee to train people in new environmental industries, such as renewable energy, insulating homes and rewilding projects, while ensuring they’re paid at least the national living wage.

“The crisis gives us a chance to do things differently, to build a fairer society and a greener economy. By kickstarting large-scale investment in energy efficiency, starting with social housing, we can help reach our green energy targets, create jobs in supply chains and help those most affected by fuel poverty.

“As requested by these local organisations, I will be writing to the Chancellor and the Prime Minister to urge them to Build Back Better.”

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