Chris White's Pledge as Herts Police and Crime Commissioner candidate on May 5th

On 5 May there is an election for the Police and Crime Commissioner.

This is still not something that many electors feel they know much about – and some are actively opposed to the idea. The refusal of the Government to provide any funds for these elections – in contrast to what is provided for the election of MPs does not help.

Basically residents are being asked to elect what used to be the Chair of the Hertfordshire Police Authority – except that there is no longer anything approaching a Police Authority to hold the Commissioner to account.

I pledge to change this. If I am elected there will be a committee of councillors from across the county invited to challenge my proposals and to agree, amend or oppose them. This will meet in public and its meetings will be available on webcam on line.

I will also be answerable in person at least annually to any District or County Council meeting which chooses to invite me – not, as at present, hiding at the back refusing to answer the concerns councillors express on behalf of their residents.

And there will be ‘town hall’ meetings around the county at which members of the public will be available to express their concerns and feedback.

Policing is under threat from Government austerity cuts – with an increasing amount of work being handed to volunteers while the number of police officers falls.

Meanwhile various crimes are increasing – including the worst sort: crimes against the person.

I pledge to increase the focus on such crimes and especially crimes against women which are often severely unreported. I will also ensure that there is work with ethnic minorities to change attitudes to Stop and Search and work closely with young people, those with disabilities and LGBT+ citizens on the specific crime and disorder issues which affect them.

The elections on 5 May matter and I hope to move away from gimmicks and onto real policing priorities – the ones that matter to you.

Yours sincerely


Chris White

Promoted by L Harris on behalf of C White (Liberal Democrats) both at 49 Mortimer Hill, Tring, HP23 5JA

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