Thameslink Must Do Better

Over the past few months the number of complaints about the Thameslink services has increased dramatically with an increase in train cancellations due to driver shortages and other excuses. Have you too endured delays due to broken-down trains?

Your local Liberal Democrats continue to hold Thameslink to account in the local District Council and have launched a local petition to help put pressure on the Government to improve the service.

Local councillor Chris White has condemned the plea by Govia to commuters to travel outside the rush hour.

Chris said: 'People have to work for a living. They can't just drift in half way through the morning. Well they can - but some would find themselves on the return train home carrying a P45.
'Govia is clearly too incompetent to run a railway and so should hand the franchise back to the Government.'

You can help by signing our petition at or getting involved with us locally at



Pharmacies: Government Prescribing a disaster

The future of pharmacies throughout St Albans is under threat after the Government announced plans to axe funding and change the way prescriptions are dispensed. Our chemists are invaluable because of the knowledge they have and the advice they give, as well as offering services such as flu injections and dietary advice.

Your local Liberal Democrats continue highlight this issue locally and Chris White and your local team have been highlighting the changes to local residents.

You can help by signing the national petition at https://petition.parliam or getting involved with us locally at



Housing: Tories putting people on to the streets

A Local Government Association report released in March shows that councils fear that the Conservative housing bill will see a sell off of council housing that will not be replaced and a rocketing of homelessness in communities across Britain.

 The key statistics from this survey are:

  • 78% said there would be an increase in homelessness
  • 90% of councils surveyed said their number of council homes would decrease

This survey confirms our fears about the devastation that will be caused by the Government’s housing reforms. Liberal Democrats asked for this survey to be carried out because we suspected this disastrous impact.

Liberal Democrats in the Lords have launched a major attack on the reforms and will be fighting them to the bitter end.

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