Why don't we just use the "c" word?

"Redaction" is a slippery word. I associate it with Bush and Blair and other dodgy neologisms such as "special rendition" for state sponsored kidnapping. Redaction is just a fancy word for censorship and we should say so. Looking at MP receipts on-line and seeing all those blacked-out details is genuinely shocking. This is public money being spent and apart from a very few exceptions I just don't buy it that MPs' security is being compromised by making their home addresses public. I live at 6 Hobbs Hill in Welwyn. Previously I lived at various addresses in St Albans: 4 Dorcas Court, 42 Pageant Road, 4 Watling Street. The newspapers tell me that Mrs Main's taxpayer-funded second home in St Albans is at Samuel Square - coincidentally at the top end of Pageant Road only a few yards from where I was living when I last stood for election in St Albans. I don't think telling the unredacted truth about where we live is going to cause the sky to fall in.

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