What would happen if St Albans followed the example of Lucca?

A curious story today about the city fathers in Lucca banning all non-Italian food outlets within the city walls. I like Lucca - it is a remarkably well preserved walled city and less overwhelmed by visitors than other Tuscan cities. I have eaten some really good Italian food there - but some pretty ropey meals too. It is interesting to ponder what restaurants would be left in St Albans if our council did the same. Pubs serving bangers and mash and all day breakfasts, St Michael's Manor, a couple of caffs and not much else, I suspect - unless of course Indian restaurants now have honorary British status. We have the availability of good local produce both from the regular market and the farmers' market. It would be good to have somewhere in addition to hotels and pubs to eat the finished British product!

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