Up to our necks in poo

A tractor-load of horse manure was delivered for our allotment today.  A great mound of dung is a daunting sight - and a huge amount of effort to wheel-barrow it from where the tractor can reach along the narrow paths to our plot.  Thank goodness it was a sunny day.

But the tractor-loads of poo being dumped on all sides at Westminster are not so easy to dispose of - nor do they offer any nutrients to the political system.

I hope the police are going to investigate Derek Conway MP.  It is not just a matter for the House of Commons or for the Conservative Party.  He was spending taxpayers' money and the way he paid his student sons out of his parliamentary allowance looks dead dodgy.  Other MPs use their housing allowances to buy little pads for their children.  The rest of us don't have these luxuries.  My student son helps me in my politics when he can - but for free.

Mr Conway blames his administrative incompetence - a strange hollow echo of Mr Hain's feeble excuse.  And then they say they are fit to run the country.

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.  It is clear we need far more transparency on how MPs spend their very generous allowances.

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