Today is Polling Day

I am sure no-one needs reminding that today is polling day for the local elections for St Albans City and District Council.  There is no election in Colney Heath or in Bedmond which is in the Three Rivers council area.

A huge amount of paper - all recycled I hope! - has been delivered through doors and many of those doors have been knocked on. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the many conversations I have had on the doorstep.

Every ward has its particular local issues which will influence individual results.  On top of that people will need to judge which of the wider issues matter to them - having an efficient council which raises council tax by less than inflation unlike the county council; finding a way to deliver a new swimming pool for the city before the current one becomes unfit for use; fighting inappropriate planning applications such as the proposed Tesco; continuing the push for green policies, from recycling to reducing the council's own carbon footprint.

I salute all the candidates from all the parties.  Their participation in the local democratic process is vital to the whole political fabric.  When there has been so much rightful criticism of greedy MPs abusing their allowances, spare a thought for the foot-sloggers at local level who see little or no reward. 

Now it's time to vote!

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