Thousands of St Albans residents better off thanks to the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrat policy of lifting the threshold for paying income tax is having a dramatic effect on St Albans residents. Thanks to the latest rise in basic tax allowances as confirmed in today's Budget Statement, 3,580 St Albans residents have now been lifted out of tax, and 60,200 residents will see their tax bill cut yet again. 

In addition the just announced new childcare package will help approximately 4,680 working families in St Albans District, with up to £2,000 per child from Autumn 2015. It’s been very tough for everyone over the last few years.  That’s why it is so important that we have been able to deliver in government on our manifesto commitments, channelling support to the less well off and to working families, so that we have a stronger economy, a fairer society, and children get the best start in life. 

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