Street bin bag shocker

I was walking down Oakwood Drive on Saturday with Cllrs Sheila Burton and Iqbal Zia. The sun was shining and the street looked lovely with the blossom, people doing their gardens etc. We were chatting away, and I just noted these bin bags dumped at the side of the pavement out of the corner of my eye. It just looked a mess. Just as we walked past them, a voice out of the blue somewhere below my knees said "Hello. How are you?" It made us jump out of our skins. And the only place it could have come from was the bin bags. Was it a new anti-fly-tipping robo-technology wheeze from St Albans Council?

Then out popped three boys' heads. One of them had done it to his mate and terrified him. They both did it to a third friend. And then the three of them took it public and mainstream. Apparently we were not the first to have this startling experience. I will be examining heart attack statistics to see if there is a blip! Good to see that there is still harmless fun to be had by enterprising young people - and who knows, they just might be on to something in deterring fly-tippers!

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