Stop Tesco Exam

I was interrogated by 8-year old pupils at Aboyne Lodge School today about the Stop Tesco campaign. They have been doing a most impressive geography project on the proposal.  They visited the site yesterday.  They have developed questionnaires to ask their parents about shopping habits, they have done traffic counts, and they have really debated the pros and cons.  Now they wanted to hear the arguments of opponents of the scheme.

Tremendous credit to Amanda Handley their teacher.  This is her second career, she previously worked in market research.  It shows the great benefits of people coming into teaching with different work experience. And the children were delightful and engaged.  I was besieged by a forest of hands, they had really thought about the issues, and they were bursting to make their points.  They asked how old they had to be to joint the Stop Tesco campaign.  I told them their views were as valid as anyone's, it wasn't like voting where there is a formal age, and they should all write. Full marks to them, to Amanda, and to an excellent school.

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