STOP PRESS - Labour vote for Green Belt House Building

It is so depressing that the local Labour Party decided not to support opposition to building on the local Green Belt at tonight’s meeting of St Albans City and District Council. 

The biggest threat to our district since the Second World War and they decide to toe the government lin

I had hoped we could all put local interests first and generate an all-party campaign against these appalling government proposals.

It just won’t wash either that building on the Green Belt could solve the problem of lack of affordable housing in the district.  The proposed development sites are owned by private developers Arlington Securities and Crown Estates. 

It is all too easy to see that they will only do the bare minimum of social housing provision at the edge of the site by the main roads and then cram on lots of profitable, four bedroom, double-garage detached houses, all far too close to each other and way out of the reach of first time buyers.

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