Steve Coogan calls for tactical voting to elect Daisy Cooper

Actor Steve Coogan is urging Labour supporters and traditional one-nation Conservatives to vote tactically for Liberal Democrat candidate Daisy Cooper in the general election.

The Alan Partridge star, who describes himself as “a traditional Labour voter”, took to the streets and knocked on doors with Daisy Cooper on a windswept and rainy night in the run-up to polling day.

Daisy Cooper canvassing with Steve Coogan (Photo: John Cobb)He believes tactical voting is likely to be a significant factor in deciding the outcome of the general election up and down the country.

And here in St Albans, the vast majority of tactical voting websites – just like Steve Coogan – are advising people to give their vote to Liberal Democrat Daisy Cooper to defeat the sitting Hard Brexit Conservative MP.

They include:

Steve Coogan, speaking after canvassing with Daisy to a large audience at Marlborough Road Methodist Church in St Albans, said:

“I’ve been helping Labour candidates in marginals where they’ve got the best shot at turning out the Tories. And I’ve been helping Liberal Democrats in a situation similar to Daisy’s.

“There are also many traditional one-nation Conservatives who’ve been marginalised in their own party.

“We now have a more unsavoury streak in the Conservative Party that seems to have seized control – we’ve seen that in Michael Heseltine who’s voting Liberal Democrat this time round. You know, if you’d have said that 30 years ago, you’d have thought it impossible. But then it shows you how repellent even members of the Conservative Party find this new agenda.

“I’m very much a pragmatist right now,” he added.

“I’m hoping that people around the country will take a pragmatic view because it’s very frustrating if you feel you are principled, but all you do is have your principals in isolation and you’re never are able to see them implemented. So, we need pragmatic thinking – that’s why I’m here today to support Daisy.”

Pictured: Daisy Cooper and Steve Coogan canvassing in St Albans (Photo: John Cobb)

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