Daisy Cooper is the St Albans Liberal Democrats p​arliamentary s​pokesperson. She lives in the heart of the city and is a daily commuter on Thameslink. Daisy is known locally for her work to reform the business rates system which has​ hit some local businesses hard. She is also campaigning for a ring-fenced 1p income ​tax increase to fund our NHS and social care services, and for people to have the vote on any Brexit deal.​

In the 2017 snap General Election, Daisy achieved a 14% increase in the share of the vote and is now the ​only serious​ challenger to the current Conservative Brexiter MP.

Daisy works as Campaign Director of More United. She previously worked in international affairs for ten years, campaigning for LGBT+ rights abroad and against human rights violations in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, and also in press reform. Daisy also plays violin and piano.