St Albans North

Charlotte Hogg


Charlotte lives locally in the centre of St Albans, working as an Education PR Consultant for a local SME, based in Welwyn Garden City. She is a dynamic, hard-working and influential campaigner standing up for local residents on the County Council’s failures to provide the most basic of services – from functioning street lighting to road repairs that are fit and proper.

Charlotte is a committed environmentalist and member of the Green Lib Dems, and is looking to champion a county-wide approach to sustainable travel, to combat the pressing air pollution health crisis and to stop the default way of getting around Hertfordshire being to travel by car.

Charlotte was a key ‘IN’ campaigner when St Albans voted 63% to remain in the EU referendum. She speaks French, German and Italian and will be an active campaigner against Hard Brexit both locally and nationally, along with her Liberal Democrat colleagues.