St Albans District Council 1 : Labour Government 0

Overturning the Government’s proposals for house-building in the St Albans Green Belt is a mighty achievement for the Liberal Democrat administration at St Albans City and District Council. Local Liberal Democrats formed the Hands Off Herts campaign to fight these wholly inappropriate Labour Government plans under their so-called Regional Spatial Strategy to extend Hatfield westwards and Hemel Hempstead eastwards into our precious Green Belt.

See a previous entry here. There were just too many houses going to be crammed into the wrong places. 5,000 west of Hatfield, 12,000 east of Hemel. It would have coalesced Hemel, Hatfield and St Albans and turned south Hertfordshire into another extension of suburban Middlesex. St Albans deserves much better than that. But it was a brave decision of St Albans District Council to challenge the Government in the High Court. If it had gone the wrong way, they could have incurred huge expense. Many people said they were wasting their time. Well they held their nerve, stood up for local people and we have won this round. The Government has been given a well-deserved bloody nose. It’s a great victory for St Albans and for common sense.

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