So much for "David Cameron's Conservative"

What a terrible result yesterday for "David Cameron's Conservatives" - pushed back into third place in the Sedgefield by-election and falling still further behind the Liberal Democrats  in Ealing Southall.

Two constituencies, one in multicultural West London and one in Labour's northern heartland.  Labour saw its majority slashed in both seats with Ming Campbell's Liberal Democrats being the challenger in both places.

Whatever Mr Cameron's appeal to Notting Hill, it clearly does not spread much further.  The "Conservatives" won control of Ealing Council last year.  Change the brand to "David Cameron's Conservatives" and they come third behind the Liberal Democrats.

Of course it's possible that the Ealing Conservative candidate might have done better if he had given money to the Liberal Democrats as well!  He was certainly generous enough to Mr Blair only a few weeks before he joined the Conservative Party which itself was only days before he was foisted on Ealing by Mr Cameron.

By contrast Nigel Bakhai, the Liberal Democrat candidate, had shown a long-standing commitment to his party and to Ealing.  The voters recognised that - they are not stupid.

Read here a summary of media reaction to the results.

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