Stefania Estacchini 


Stefania has lived in St Albans since 2008 and is working as an Architect specialised in sustainable architecture from her home office in Jersey Farm. She was born in the UK and was brought up in Milan, her mother being British and her father Italian.

Stefania became a Parish Councillor for the Sandridge Parish Council in 2015 and has instigated the idea of moving the ward to becoming the first Parish in Hertfordshire to start on the journey towards achieving zero waste. 

She lives in Jersey Farm and feels that suburbs like these are being neglected to the advantage of the town centre, she intends to campaign to bring the attention back to the periphery of the town, working towards transforming the more fragile parts of the city into vibrant communities, creating a stronger sense of belonging and help fight the menace of loneliness and isolation which plagues most peripheries.

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