More LibDem success in Bedmond

There were also elections for neighbouring Three Rivers Council.  Bedmond village in Three Rivers is included in the St Albans parliamentary constituency.  The Three Rivers counting of votes took place this afternoon.  Liberal Democrats easily won Bedmond to cap our St Albans district success.  So the final tally of councillors elected in the St Albans parliamentary constituency on May 3rd is 10 Liberal Democrats, 3 Labour (albeit by a collective whisker), and 1 solitary Conservative.

St Albans has a proud history of independent thought and bucking national trends - so no change there then and much food for thought for political commentators.

Incidentally the BBC has just removed a statement on their website from the Green Party saying they anticipated holding the balance of power in St Albans.  They have to win elections first... In fact they came fourth in every ward they managed to contest.

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