Marshalswick South

Cllr Helen Campbell

District Councillor for Marshalswick South

A resident of St Albans for 16 years, Helen feels privileged to live in such a beautiful city. Mum of two teenagers and a languages graduate, Helen is a freelance journalist, specialising in energy, environment, sustainability and technology. Motivated by her understanding of the gradual decline of some of the UK’s once-thriving towns, she is determined to help keep St Albans a pleasant place to live. Her local campaigning is centred on reducing car-use, waste and recycling and improving road safety; she believes that only tackling issues at the root will produce sustainable solutions.

A regular volunteer at Centre 33, St Albans’ drop-in for the homeless and vulnerable, Helen believes the Conservatives are completely failing to address the UK’s housing crisis and are ignoring the NHS’ plight. Her biggest challenge met to date? Five days of tough training to enable her to visit a North Sea oil platform   ̶   learning how to escape a sinking helicopter, survive in a life-raft and blind-navigate out of a smoke-filled building. The challenge now is securing a public vote on the Brexit deal, which will determine whether the UK will sink or swim. Helen is Secretary of St Albans for Europe, campaigning whenever she can locally and outside Parliament, on the implications of Brexit.

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Karen Young

Campaigner for Marshalswick South

She has lived in Marshalswick for nearly four years working as a Chartered Accountant dealing with finance in the UK and abroad.

Karen aims to help bring about changes which will make it easier for people to make environmentally sustainable choices. As a passionate environmentalist she is looking for ways to tackle the air pollution crisis that is rapidly climbing up the local agenda in St Albans.

​Karen was a key campaigner for Remain during the EU referendum when St Albans voted 63% to stay. She will continue to campaign against a Hard Brexit both locally and nationally and work with her Liberal Democrat colleagues to ensure the public gets a final say on the Brexit deal.​

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