London Colney Garden Village Consultation

We the undersigned

  1. Note the ongoing consultation taking place in Hertsmere District regarding the building of a garden village around Coursers Farm and Salisbury Hall.
  2. Note that the proposed village will be joined to London Colney but that no consultation is taking place with London Colney residents in St. Albans District.
  3. Note that any development will have a major impact on the transport infrastructure around London Colney which is already overloaded.
  4. Note that the boundary between St. Albans and Hertsmere runs through London Colney, with McDonalds, the Holiday Inn Express and Mosquito Museum all in Hertsmere.

Call upon Hertsmere borough and St. Albans district councils

  1. to work together on strategic developments in the London Colney area and ensure that residents on both sides of the border are effectively consulted on any proposals
  2. to jointly work together to address existing issues affecting the transport infrastructure in the London Colney area. 
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    Everybody in St Albans should be notified. Something like this will affect the populous of the area.
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    Paul Graham another mad scheme by the Tories with the threat of the railfreight scheme and now a large building project in London Colney our infrastructure will be stretched to breaking point.l know we need housing which should be affordable in the area but must be done with care and consideration of the consequences it will have on a area which is already too conjested.
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    I pay my council Tax, VAT, income Tax and many other taxes all of which are addressed to me here in Colney Heath, yet not once have I seen Colney Heath Mentioned or considered in these plans yet alone consulted, but the plans are sited on land within Colney Heath.

    Is this for real or some big wind up ? No-one can be this incompetent.

    It already takes half an hour to get out of the village in the morning or evening, what is going to happen when building starts or more to the point when it is completed and we have another 10,000 cars to get out and thats before the new lorry park rail terminal. Maybe just build a wall and box us in…..
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    As a resident of Colney Heath village in the District of St Albans, in the Parish of Ridge and the District of Hertsmere we are very much affected by this proposal. Already having massive transport and safety problems within and getting out of the village the added burden on the infrastructure needs very close examination and consideration.
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    I’m not a London Colney resident but live in Park Street. I am concerned that there hasn’t been a wider consultation on this given the clear impact that any development is likely to have on local road use and demand for local public services. I drive daily down the A414 commuting to work. Any potential increase in road usage needs to have a wider consultation. This will impact on London Colney as well as on the surrounding wider St Albans area
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    Not only schools and traffic would be affected. How would the overstretched and underfunded NHS (particularly St Albans Hospital) cope?
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    Another worrying example of lack of join up in Government. I strongly support this petition. It is essential that Hertsmere BC works with St Albans district councils on such an important proposal that could have such a profound affect on our local area.
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    Traffic is bad enough now in this area you are only going to make it worse. At least have the decency to consult people in the area.
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    They always dump on London Colney. We are a forgotten place.
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