London Colney Garden Village Consultation

We the undersigned

  1. Note the ongoing consultation taking place in Hertsmere District regarding the building of a garden village around Coursers Farm and Salisbury Hall.
  2. Note that the proposed village will be joined to London Colney but that no consultation is taking place with London Colney residents in St. Albans District.
  3. Note that any development will have a major impact on the transport infrastructure around London Colney which is already overloaded.
  4. Note that the boundary between St. Albans and Hertsmere runs through London Colney, with McDonalds, the Holiday Inn Express and Mosquito Museum all in Hertsmere.

Call upon Hertsmere borough and St. Albans district councils

  1. to work together on strategic developments in the London Colney area and ensure that residents on both sides of the border are effectively consulted on any proposals
  2. to jointly work together to address existing issues affecting the transport infrastructure in the London Colney area. 
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    gillian lorrio
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    This along with the freight rail depot destined for Frogmore and the new village at Symondhide Farm.

    This is the 3rd of poorly planned new housing developments. I know we need more homes, but perhaps we could put some money into why so many people are living alone.Is it a sign of our times when there is so little sign of family homes.
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    No more building, enough is enough.
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    Will make no difference as per the rail freight terminal
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    There needs to be a meaningful consultation between all the local councils – St Albans, Welwyn Hatfield, Hertsmere, Dacorum – over the various plans for new large developments or garden villages on the borders of their areas. This includes not just London Colney but also Symonshyde and the Redbourne extension. No council appears to want new development in the centre of its area, but it is not a solution to push them to the edges. Such proposals will do nothing for community cohesion. The new inhabitants will look to the neighbouring district for local services, not the district they are nominally in. Adequate infrastructure (shops, schools, doctors etc) needs to be planned for and developers should be obliged to contribute to providing it.
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    Sign the petition: London Colney Garden Village Consultation
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    It would be a travesty if any project of this enormous scale and with such far reaching social and financial implications for residents of another authority were to be approved.
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    Promise was that mineral extraction site would be reinstated for agriculture not become thin end of the wedge.

    The area is in the Vale of St Albans
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    Constructing a new village between two villages prone to flooding? The simplest aspect of the project will be building houses and roads, managing the impact on the flooding problem in the area will need careful consideration and considerable sums of money. Beside that building several thousand houses with inadequate arterial roads, and rail infrastructure in an area with no hospital and oversubscribed schools should seem easy problems to solve!
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    Garden Village? nice name for a problem dump on your neighbours. Where will these new residents commute to? There’s no railway station nearby and means they’ll be thousands of people travelling on roads that are inadequate now. The M25 and A414 are car parks in busy periods. Buses are like hen’s teeth. It would seem logical to build near a railway station. Hertsmere have Potters Bar and Radlett (Borehamwood is pretty well built up) and plenty of green fields near to them that they could build on that would mitigate the car/road problem. Add to this the Strategic Rail Interchange, the Oaklands development (SADC), Simonshyde and the Airfield housing propositions over the border with Hatfield (WHC) and we’ll have permanent gridlock, water shortages and a wait at A&E (if you can get through the traffic) that could run into days. Where’s the infrastructure plan to cater for all these people and their needs.
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