London Colney Garden Village Consultation

We the undersigned

  1. Note the ongoing consultation taking place in Hertsmere District regarding the building of a garden village around Coursers Farm and Salisbury Hall.
  2. Note that the proposed village will be joined to London Colney but that no consultation is taking place with London Colney residents in St. Albans District.
  3. Note that any development will have a major impact on the transport infrastructure around London Colney which is already overloaded.
  4. Note that the boundary between St. Albans and Hertsmere runs through London Colney, with McDonalds, the Holiday Inn Express and Mosquito Museum all in Hertsmere.

Call upon Hertsmere borough and St. Albans district councils

  1. to work together on strategic developments in the London Colney area and ensure that residents on both sides of the border are effectively consulted on any proposals
  2. to jointly work together to address existing issues affecting the transport infrastructure in the London Colney area. 
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    London Colney cannot support such a large development plus it needs to remain in St. Albans as it always has been. Our ties to St Albans are far greater than to Hertsmere.
  • signed 2017-11-30 23:01:32 +0000
    There is a need to properly examine all alternatives before developing Green Belt, in line with the Hertsmere MP and the central Conservative governments pledges to protect this precious resource. This option seems to be preferred not least because it is located on Hertsmere’s borders where it will impact the fewest of their current constituents. It should be seen as a last resort when all other option have been exhausted not the preferred choice of a group of councillors seeking to avoid conflict with their voters.It also requires the least effort to put in place when you have a landowner who is happy to pass on a convenient package no doubt simultaneously achieving a substantial profit from being able to sell Green Belt for development. Would the landowners be so keen if the council was to compulsorily purchase the land for what it’s worth without the right to develop it? The consultation is tellingly loaded in setting out the difficulties that would face Hertsmere to develop the alternatives compared with the comparative ease of their preferred garden village.
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    Sign the petition: London Colney Garden Village Consultation
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    Hertsmere Resident extremely opposed to the destruction of our green belt land which can never be replaced and the local authorities blatant disregard to properly consider the sustainability and environmental impact of such a huge development not in keeping with the area whose occupants value their rural identity.
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    pollution is a real problem in this area due to level of road traffic especially when congestion occurs ( which is very often) Infrastructure would require extensive improvement before any residential housing is built including a hospital A&e
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    object to scale of proposal on infrastructure & pollution grounds
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    Sign the petition: London Colney Garden Village Consultation
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    The traffic in this area is alrealdy a joke and we struggle to get our kids into the schools which are over subscribed not to mention losing beautiful green belt and nature. Our little villages are going to be sucked up by this new development.
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    No definitive siting of the new developments, no additional transport considerations, not enough school or hospital provisions, poorly thought out scheme in my opinion.
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    Sign the petition: London Colney Garden Village Consultation
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    David Moore. Infrastructure needs to be sorted out before any village of that size is even thought about and schools, doctors, shops etc must be built first, before the houses, or the builders will say they can’t afford them at the end of the build. Not happy that it is so close to our village.
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