LibDem Big Lunch dodges big drench - just

The annual St Albans LibDem constituency barbecue took place today - the same day as people across the land were organising their own Big Lunches. Ours wasn't a street party. But 70 of us gathered in the garden of the LibDem headquarters in Hatfield Road to enjoy some brilliant food and just about dodge the showers. 

The food was brilliant and some deft manoeuvrings in marquee and gazebos kept us dry. Older Albanians will remember when the back lawn of the City Liberal Club in Hatfield Road was a very fine bowling green. LibDems have always believed in fairness - so it seems very proper that we have our very own level playing field. Sadly the Liberal Club has gone, victim of cross channel booze cruises. But its successor, Kashu Restaurant, does a mean barbecue which is why everyone in the picture looks pretty cheerful in spite of the gloomy weather.

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