Labservatives combine to stop parliamentary reform - so no change there then

Parliament is currently going through what is called the "wash-up" - agreeing on a truncated programme of legislation to be rushed through before the House rises and the General Election.  It looks like the Labour and Conservative front benches have combined to stop the so-called Wright Committee standing order changes to give parliament control over its own business. This is very important because it is impossible to find time to debate every line of legislation, yet now the frontbench business managers decide which parts of a Bill should get debated and this is often a convenient way of dodging Commons scrutiny on big items.

This is one of the most important parts of the parliamentary reform project. So both the Labour and Conservative Parties vote against having time to debate it. We are going into a general election in which all parties claim to support parliamentary reform. The reality is, however, that Labour and the Conservatives oppose reform when they have the chance to really change things. They opposed reform on recall for MPs, lobby reform, party funding reform and now yet again on the reform of the control of parliament.

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