It's enough to make you weep

Over the last week we learnt that… Six NHS quango heads now earn more than the Prime Minister after seeing their salaries increase by 77% in the last three years; The plummeting stock market and plunging house prices have wiped out £1.2 trillion of Britain's national wealth; Three hundred and thirty nine BBC staff members earn salaries in excess of £100,000; The number of new mortgages for house buyers approved by the UK's banks fell last year by 52%; The Ministry of Defence wasted more than £300m of taxpayers’ money in 2008 due to errors; The Government has failed in its 10 year objective of halving child poverty by 2010; The new chairman of Royal Mail, Donald Brydon, will earn £200,000 for working just two days a week; The average price of a house is down 16.6% on the same time last year [more] and 1.2 million households now find themselves in negative equity. Just one more Gordon Brown week - and of course it's all nothing to do with him.

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