How to make MPs sick and other topics at Marlborough School

Excellent session at Marlborough School. First time I have been there in decades and I had forgotten what a pleasant environment it is in terms of the way the buildings are presented and laid out. I was speaking to Year 12s though a few final year pupils also sneaked in. Given that the greedy antics of a few MPs have made voters really sick and thus have diminished the stock of politics, I told them how to make MPs sick. Take one lavish lunch in Brussels, then put them in an ancient propeller driven aircraft to fly back across the Channel in a storm. I can tell you it works a treat... It was mainly a question and answer session and there were some really good ones - on MP expenses of course, also the law round drugs, immigration, sustainable transport, getting young people interested in politics to name but a few. And then some really thoughtful follow-up e-mails and facebook exchanges.

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