Government to move planning goalposts again - and Tesco will be smiling

With friends like the current Government, Tesco need not worry about its enemies.

The government’s review of planning is about to suggest that they scrap the ‘needs test’, which allows local planning authorities to include need when deciding supermarket planning applications. If they bring this in, it will only make it harder for us to defeat the monstrous Tesco proposal for central St Albans.

Not just in St Albans but all over the country people are saying ‘Enough is enough’ to ever more applications for giant superstores. So we all campaign to protect our high street and local community and then get stabbed in the back by central government. 

This is yet another chipping away of power from locally elected representatives to decide what is good for local people.  Proposals to take away our Green Belt, the imposition of travellers’ sites, the diminution of our city hospital – when is this attack on St Albans going to stop?  It’s time that the Blair-Brown government gave power back to local communities so we can take our own decisions about what is good for a sustainable, vibrant city centre.

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