Downing Street e-Petition storms into top five percent in less than two weeks!

With over 600 signatures and still rising, our e-petition is now in the top five percent in terms of support on the Prime Minister's website.  Thank you for all those who have signed it.

If you haven't signed it yet, I'd be grateful if you'd spare 30 seconds to do so.  The petition is here.   And if you have signed it, please send an e-mail to all your friends and acquaintances with an interest in Hertfordshire and protection of the Green Belt and ask them to sign up too - and then send an e-mail to all their friends and acquaintances.

Remember the Prime Minister will have to send a personal e-mail to everyone who signs up explaining their proposals.  We can't stop all the building, but lets send a message that Hertfordshire is not a doormat!

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