Downing St e-Petition

Thank you to all the hundreds of local residents who have been contacting me for official objection forms to the government proposals for Hertfordshire. 

It has been a fantastic response.

The closing date for the so-called "consultation" ends this coming Friday March 9th.  It has been a pretty shabby affair - no attempt by the government to mail individual households so we had to do it instead.  And deliberately timing the consultation period so that the initial weeks were taken up by Christmas and New Year.

We can't stop campaigning after Friday, but it will become a purely political process.  On the basis that we still live in a democracy, this is when people power is going to count.  The Prime Minister and Ruth Kelly have to be given a continuing and clear message that they have gone way too far with their proposals for Hertfordshire. 

That is why I have launched a Hands Off Herts e-petition on the Downing Street website

I hope as many of you as possible will sign it and then get your family, friends and neighbours to sign, and all their family, friends and neighbours too. 

In the world of business they call this viral marketing.  E-mail is a perfect mechanism.  So please get tapping and lets see what we can do!

The full text of the petition reads: 

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to prevent the
     destruction of rural Hertfordshire through opening up existing
     and precious  Green Belt to unsustainable and inappropriate
     housing development which will overwhelm the local transport,
     school, health and water supply infrastructure and lead to the
     creation of "the London Borough of Hertfordshire"

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