Catastrophic results for St Albans Conservatives - Labour narrowly miss oblivion

Yesterday was polling day.  The results were catastrophic for the local Conservatives who could only manage to hold one ward within the St Albans parliamentary boundaries.  The last time they performed this poorly was when the party was led by Iain Duncan-Smith. 

As for Labour, if a mere 219 people had voted the other way, Labour would have won no seats at all.

The Liberal Democrats won 9 wards across the parliamentary seat, with seven of their victorious councillors piling up more than 1,000 votes each. 

The total votes and percentages are even more telling.  The Liberal Democrats received 11,673 votes (43.4% of the votes cast across the parliamentary constituency).  The Conservatives trailed with 8690 votes (32.3%).  Labour could only muster 4449 votes (16.5%), and the Green vote totalled 2107 (7.8%).

For the full results, see here - remember Redbourn, Wheathampstead, Sandridge and Harpenden are not in the St Albans constituency. 

The alarm bells will be ringing in Conservative Central Office!

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