Are they dim up north?

The recent Manchester Evening News claim that St Albans is the second least cultural city in the UK is absurd.  Culture is not as they would have it 'eating in fine restaurants' or sitting watching professional performers, it's about people taking part

Whether singing, acting, dance or playing a musical instrument, there is so much going on almost every day in St Albans.  Think of the Company of Ten, the Bach Choir, OVO or Trestle just to name a few.  It's a matter of pride that they are 'amateur' in the true sense of the word, that is loving and being passionate about what they do.  The Abbey Choir is second to none.  The library is the busiest in Hertfordshire with lots of Book Clubs.  Our churches and pubs buzz with live music on almost every evening of the year.

But I guess it's no more dim that the Daily Mail classing St Albans as the 'second poshest' city in Britain because of the number of residents with degrees or professional qualifications.

The rest of us just know it's a very special place to be.

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