"We are names not numbers"

I am in Portmeirion in West Wales for this seminar . The title of course comes from Patrick McGoohan's cult series "The Prisoner" which was filmed at Clough Williams-Ellis's fantasy village. The picture shows the view from my window on arrival on a wet winter afternoon.

The conference has been pulled together by Julia Hobsbawm of Editorial Intelligence, where I serve on the Advisory Board. Fellow participants include historian Simon Schama, style guru Peter York (of Sloane Ranger fame), commentator Yasmin Alibai-Brown and a huge supporting cast of academics, businesspeople, journalists and internet pioneers. We will be looking at globalisation, the decline of the influence of mass media and the rise of a much more personalised internet, the implications for civil liberties and personal freedoms, and the opportunities and challenges for everyone. All this of course in the context of massive economic disruption which was not even on the horizon when the conference was conceived. I look forward to reporting on the outcomes of our discussions.

PS Coincidentally Clough Williams-Ellis had some scathing opinions of early twentieth century development in St Albans.

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